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A Job Creatively Gained: Nontraditional resumes get noticed

Most corporate job openings receive about 250 résumés. Yet recruiters only spend 5-7 seconds on average scanning a résumé, according to human resources and recruiting website So you may be interested in showcasing your professional talents using something other than a sheet of paper. A nontraditional résumé can be anything from a billboard to a YouTube video. It requires creativity and the ability to put yourself in the best light possible while also being clever and professional.
Know Your Audience
Are you applying to a big company that uses an applicant tracking system to screen résumés? If so, your nontraditional résumé could be automatically thrown out because of formatting or font issues. Better to stick to the traditional format in that case and make sure to use lots of keywords. If you're using your network to help you job hunt, talk to friends at companies you're applying to. Ask if an offbeat résumé will be well-received by the hiring manager.
Know The Market
For creative fields, portfolio websites with résumés are becoming the norm. Joe Carolino, a junior experience designer at Second Story Interactive Studios in Portland, Ore., says, "Having [a website] gives potential employers and fellow designers a more accessible way to engage with your work." Even if you're not in a traditionally creative field like graphic design, you can customize your website to stand out, using your own savvy or spending a little money to hire someone. Philipe Dubost, a web product manager, customized his website ( went viral earlier this year--to look like an product page including reviews and "product details." It must have worked, because his website lists him as "currently unavailable."